Ham Radio Estate Sale

Ron Eckton W7RE is selling the following ham radio items to recover funeral costs for a friend.
To make an offer, or for more info, please contact
Ron at w7re (at) arrl (dot) net or 360-599-1131.

Kenwood TS-140S w/MC80 Desk  Mic & Speaker Good $300.00
Kenwood TM-631A Dualband 2m/1-1/4m Good $200.00
Yaesu YSK-8900 Separation Cable New in Box $40.00
Rigblaster Duo w/manual/cables Like New $150.00
B&K Precision 501A Semiconductor Curve Tracer Electrical Good $50.00
MFJ 941D VersaTuner II Good $75.00
Two Astatic D104 “Lollipop” Mic Good $50.00 each
Realistic Amplified Dynamic Mic Fair-Good Elec $10.00
Standard Horizon Quest GX1255X Marine Radio Good $100.00
Heathkit SB634 Wattmeter/SWR/Phone Patch Good $100.00
Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor Good $200.00
Kenwood AT-250 Auto Antenna Tuner Good $125.00
Heathkit HD-16 Code Oscillator Fair $20.00
RCA WR-50B RF Signal Generator Good $75.00
Heathkit IG-5280 RF Oscillator 0.32-110mHz Like New $50.00
Heathkit IG-5282 Audio Generator 10-100kHz Like New $50.00
Heathkit IG-5281 ALC Bridge Like New $50.00
Heathkit IG-5284 Multimeter Like New $50.00
Mirage B108 2m RF amp w/10w in & 80w out Good $90.00



B3016 2m RF amp w/30w in & 160w out





Heathkit IM-4180 FM Deviation Meter New, In Box & Constructed $120.00
Supreme Instruments Model 504A Tube Tester Good $20.00
Palomar TX50 Broadband Tx Amplifier 3-30mHz Good $50.00
Two Palomar Receiver Noise Bridge Good $15.00 each
Eico 377 Audio Generator Sine/Sq Wave 20-200kHz Good $40.00
Yaesu G-800S Rotor Control Good $25.00
Heil icm Mic for earlier Icom HF radios Good $50.00
Layfayette #99-25835 inline SWR meter Good $15.00
Esco 5”x4” Speaker Good $5.00
Realistic 4”x4” Speaker Cat #21-549 Good $10.00
Larsen Mobile Ant Base Coil NMO-220 Good $15.00
Icom HM-12 Mic Good $25.00
Kenwood SMC-32 HT Speaker mic Good $20.00
–Several– Rubber Ducks w/BNC Good Make Offer
Kantronics KPC-3 TNC New in Box $100.00
Two Vanco SPB-6 4”x4” w/noise canceler New $20.00 each
  Cone Speaker New $12.00
Workman THF-53FPW Cone Speaker Good $15.00
President Speaker AR711-SX 4”x4” Good $10.00
Workman Speaker 2.5”x2.5” Good $7.00
Two Speaker 2.5”x2.5” Good $5.00
Icom SP-22 Speaker Good $20.00
Neutec SP-500 Speaker 5”x5” Good $10.00
Deluxe Commercial 5”x5” Speaker Good $10.00
HyGain Thunderbird TH-6DX HF Beam Good Rebuilt $250.00
Yaesu G800S Rotor Control Good $20.00
Heathkit HS1661 Speaker Good $15.00
CDR HamM Rotator Controller Good $25.00
Heathkit IP-17 Regulated HV Power Supply Fair $100.00


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