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FIELD DAY WEEKEND June 25th and 16th 2011

Another great Field Day weekend has come and gone, fun was had by all. Set up began on Friday afternoon about 5:00 pm and we were all wrapped up about 1:30 pm on Sunday.

Blaine Police Dept. ACS operated in the 2 (two transmitter) class, we were 2A WWA. Station one was in the ACS communications van using the new ICOM IC 7000 and station two was in the hanger using a Drake TR-7, both stations used wire OCF windom or vertical antennas. This was really great training for our operators that normally don’t use the HF bands. Radio condition were better than the last few years and we made more contacts the ever before, along with the great weather was nice too.


By Brian Lawler

The Blaine Auxiliary Communications Service will operate from the “old Blaine airport” at coordinates 48.989506,-122.732468 Set-up for ACS members will begin Friday night, with operations open to the public from 1100 PDT Saturday until 1100 PDT Sunday. The emphasis will be on training in radio operations rather than point chasing. Directions: Take the “truck border crossing” exit on I-5 (WA 543) North and turn EAST on BOBLETT St. Make an immediate SOUTH turn on to YEW and continue about a block to the City Park sign on your left. Turn left on the gravel past the park and Blaine City shop, following the road around to the North again, through the open gate and around to the front of the steel building. YES- It is a little hard to find, but worth the effort 🙂 “Talk-in” on Sumas Mtn 145.230 -.600 tone-103.5

WebEOC Training Announced – 1/5 at OCC Bellingham

There will be a two-hour WebEOC class on January 5th, at 9:00 am, at the OCC in Bellingham. Contact KP2X for more information or to register. As Jim said at the ACS meeting last night, WebEOC will be a critical part of our emcomm future so we need to get this training sooner rather than later. If you can’t make this class, be aware that there will be more classes in the future. Stay tuned.

Activation Dec 4 – Tree Lighting in Blaine

QST QST QST       To all Blaine ACS Members       QST QST QST

The lighting of the Christmas tree will take place on Saturday Dec 4 at 1600 hrs. at H street and Peace Portal. ACS will provide the PD support we will set up the Comm van . We will all meet at the PD 1530 that’s
330 pm. for a short briefing. Dress for cold and rain/snow ? ACS jacket and your field equipment.

Jim Elston KP2X
Communications ACS Manager

More MT-63

By Brian Lawler

Check the Training tab for more help with running MT-63. Be sure to ID by voice and announce you are running MT-63 if you are using the repeater. Do NOT use the repeater unless you are trying to contact another station. Radio testing should be done on a simplex frequency into a dummy load.

MT-63 Help

By Brian Lawler

Download FLDIGI, FLMSG and FLWRAP from Look at the column heading for your computer- Linux, Windows, Apple, etc. Also note the column for the HELP FILES.

Following is a re-post from my blog. You will need to join the Yahoo group to access the files.

WR5J Down in West Seattle posted the following to the NWDigital Google Group regarding NBEMS/FLDIGI MT63 and similar pursuits. Please consider joining the group (P-S-Digi-Hams) and avail yourself of the tools and techniques from the local folks that have been doing the MT-63 thing for a while. Thank you Curt.