MT-63 Help

By Brian Lawler

Download FLDIGI, FLMSG and FLWRAP from Look at the column heading for your computer- Linux, Windows, Apple, etc. Also note the column for the HELP FILES.

Following is a re-post from my blog. You will need to join the Yahoo group to access the files.

WR5J Down in West Seattle posted the following to the NWDigital Google Group regarding NBEMS/FLDIGI MT63 and similar pursuits. Please consider joining the group (P-S-Digi-Hams) and avail yourself of the tools and techniques from the local folks that have been doing the MT-63 thing for a while. Thank you Curt.

While you are rooting around getting software, pickup the
CheckSR.exe – to check the sample-rate of the soundcard you are using with FLDIGI.

Check out the files section of the Puget Sound Digital Hams Yahoo Group:
Soon there will be configuration/use guides for FLDIGI, FLWRAP and FLMSG on this site – in the mean time, use the first file in the flies area, “A-Start-with-this-file-INTRO.pdf” for getting setup. You might as well grab the macro file while you are there, too.

OR visit the Western Pennsylvania NBEMS Group at:
and use the claibration info on the website.

Only run the test for about 3-4 minutes – it goes into the ozone if it runs too long. (Note from KN0N- might take 10-15 minutes, look for the numbers to stabilize) Also make sure you feed the CheckSR program the actual native sample rate FLDIGI says it sees on the CONFIGURE/SOUND Card menu then the Settings TAB (e.g. 44100 for the Signal Link on both Send and Receive).
Keep in touch and have a great session,

vy 73 de WR5J

Curt Black in West Seattle

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