By Brian Lawler

The Blaine Auxiliary Communications Service will operate from the “old Blaine airport” at coordinates 48.989506,-122.732468 Set-up for ACS members will begin Friday night, with operations open to the public from 1100 PDT Saturday until 1100 PDT Sunday. The emphasis will be on training in radio operations rather than point chasing. Directions: Take the “truck border crossing” exit on I-5 (WA 543) North and turn EAST on BOBLETT St. Make an immediate SOUTH turn on to YEW and continue about a block to the City Park sign on your left. Turn left on the gravel past the park and Blaine City shop, following the road around to the North again, through the open gate and around to the front of the steel building. YES- It is a little hard to find, but worth the effort 🙂 “Talk-in” on Sumas Mtn 145.230 -.600 tone-103.5

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